Government Is Not The Problem

Saying it is ok to drive on any side of the street you like doesn’t work. We need government to avoid self destruction.

The idea that government is the problem is being exploited for political advantage, for and by politicians who lack moral character. However inappropriate and illogical the tactic might be, it is effective. It wakes up the aimless, disenchanted and confused and puts them into an agitated, ready for action state of mind. Just point them in any direction and turn them loose. They will do something disruptive.

This tactic is sinister, intentional and unacceptable. It is a threat to our stability and security as a nation and a people. We are a socio-economic federal republic complex. We are held together by common purpose, spirit, desire and law. We use government to keep us on track. We are in this together. We are the government. We are not the enemy. We are the people.

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Coal Is Dead, Or We Are

Coal is not an acceptable fuel for energy production. It is extremely damaging to our environment and any more delay in transitioning away from it is not acceptable. The argument that it is cost effective is false, not taking into account the real costs of poison being queued up in holding ponds, our water table and the atmosphere that protects our planet. Stop burning coal, is not just a slogan, it is an imperative.

The time is ripe for green energy sources to come on line in mass. We should decommission coal fired plants immediately. The cost of transition has the benefit of adding high paying jobs to a slumbering economy, while environmental benefits start accumulating as fast as coal plants are shut down.

There is no logical reason to continue burning coal and it is certainly not in the public interest to pretend there are valid economic advantages. We need Jobs and clean air and the time to start is now.

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Who In Hell Are We? – repost from 6-7-10

The general public is getting a very raw deal these days. In fact, what is happening right in the face of us all is the most brazen kind of strong armed robbery.

What’s left to preserve in a system of laws and policies that promote corporate greed, ignore public welfare, promote convenient denial of reality, allow critical issues to go unaddressed, facilitate false public personas, stifle dissent, manipulate markets for special interests, encourage unnecessary material consumption, ignore resource depletion, and I could go on for hours.

You see, it’s not just something that needs to be corrected, it’s the entire body of law and government policies. I don’t believe there’s a common vision of who we are as a nation. We have been reduced to continuous political bickering about social differences and abstract minutia.

Is anyone still around who is for real?

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The High Stakes Game

The stakes couldn’t be higher and the rewards are beyond our wildest expectations. It is either our shining moment to claim this opportunity or our dismal failure to relinquish this challenge to the influences of immediate gratification and material greed.

Do we go forward like a cork on the tide of dark destiny or do we engineer and define our future?

A history of critical thinking, technical innovation, a spirit of adventure and Yankee resolve are what we have to work with. I don’t see the dilemma.

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Economic Theory – repost from 7-6-2010

All of the conversation about economic theory that does not include an assessment of social effect is shallow and divisive.

Calls to privatize our economy without consideration for how that might amplify the gap in wealth distribution, is making only half the case.

More importantly, insisting on broadcasting half baked political ideology gets in the way of developing effective policy.

Effective policy, at its heart, has acquired commitments, addressed issues and resolved conflicts for market control methods and considered their consequences.

The health and wellbeing of our nation is the priority. Ideology at any cost is never a wise or effective consideration.

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Sneaking Up On Darwin – repost from 2010

I can see how we got into the muck we are in today. We are in a world that has no purpose beyond the next hot issue driven opinion poll. Long range goals like environmental stability, population management, life quality optimization, energy security, water & food quality control and public education just don’t have a chance. The human race is going through endless cycles of media induced raids on our conscious focus. We don’t have the uninterrupted time to think about meaningful opportunities, let alone consider committing to them for several years.

We have succeeded in disenfranchising ourselves and have become helpless witnesses to our own decent as a species, that once had so much potential. Critical thought has given way to rapid cycle sensational reaction and the Philistines are driving the agenda of our history.

Darwin is not surprised. 

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The critical piece of Immigration Reform

rePosted from Sunday 3rd October 2010


The critical piece of Immigration Reform is how those already here are dealt with fairly.
Many working class families have mixed status and deserve a solution that leaves them intact, able to continue contributing to our communities and commerce.
We need them. Their culture and history are an integral part of our historic fabric. Their art, community contributions and family ethic enrich us and diversify our lives. What reason is there to offend these incredibly gratious people?

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