COVID-19: The Problems We Face Run Deep

The rambling, incoherent narratives by Richard Epstein are exactly the kind of mumbo jumbo pseudo intellectualism that climate deniers, trickle down economists and libertarians rely on to promote their policies.

2 weeks ago, [conservative] Richard Epstein, wrote a contrarian analysis of the pandemic. Epstein argued that conventional models were dramatically overstating the pandemic risk, & predicted the coronavirus would ultimately claim a mere 500 American lives. “

To put it in perspective, one crackpot like him can nullify the research of thousands of scientists. It is picked up by Conservative think tanks and circulated to political decision makers, to justify their agenda.

It is a way to inoculate them from responsibility for the failures and fallout their self-serving policies are sure to bring, by pointing to an outside “study” that supports their predefined objectives.

This is both intentional and manipulative, in the most sinister ways. It is a principle tactic of the Heritage Foundation, Freedomworks and Cato Institute, that has been completely embraced and facilitated by the Republican Party.

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COVID-19 The Battle Outside Is Raging

One of the things that I come back to, in the midst of this mismanaged assault on the national safety is that; who survives and who dies, other than those healthcare workers on the front lines, is largely up to our ability to avoid contact with infected people.

The responsibility we have to personally protect ourselves, also accrues to the safety of doctors and nurses on the front lines. The fewer of us who contract COVID-19, the less we burden hospitals and expose healthcare workers, to the danger of being overwhelmed.

We are all in this together. We each have an essential part to play.

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Impeach or Wait Until November?

We cannot allow this systematic assault on democracy to go unaddressed.

The President must be impeached.

We have an administration that is actively corrupting government, at every level.

The President must be impeached.

The idea that there are only two choices:  

impeach the President, or resolve it with the election, is false.

The President must be impeached and

his Republican enablers must be held accountable.

The President will be both impeached and defeated at the ballot box.

What happens in between, will be a fight for control of the Republican Party.

What happens after the House does its Constitutional job,

will define the next battleground of this fight.

If Senate Republicans chose to ignore their duty to the nation,

the price they pay will be political suicide.

The President must be impeached.

The President and his enablers must be defeated at the ballot box.

The People must reclaim control of our government.

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The Impeachment Process

In anticipation of the arguments against impeachment, that are sure to be put forward at every level and every step of the process, I believe it is essential to frame what is about to happen, so we don’t get lost in quasi-legal arguments, over something that is a political exercise in Constitutional control of the Executive Branch.

It is also important to revisit the resumes of those who will be arguing the case for and against impeachment, an example of which I provide in the last paragraph of this post. That said, here is what I feel is essential background, ahead of the inevitable vote on impeachment.

The Process

Impeachment is the first, of a two-step political process, the second step being a Senate Trial. While impeachment has some aspects of a criminal investigation and indictment in common, it is not a criminal process. It is the equivalent of a Grand Jury Investigation and Indictment, that is conducted by the House of Representatives, outside of the Judicial System.

The criteria for impeachment are vague in the Constitution, but not without guidelines. Interpretation of those guidelines is a matter for the House, used during the investigative portion of its process to search for evidence of malfeasance and abuse of power, and during the indictment portion, to draw up the Articles of Impeachment. Those Articles of Impeachment are then tested against those guidelines, by a vote of the House.

While the validity of those Articles can be debated and challenged by politicians and legal scholars alike, once they are voted on by The House, the results of that vote determine their validity. Again, merits may be argued from any perspective, including legal precedence, but the Constitution leaves determination of the merits, solely to The House of Representatives.

A Likely GOP Expert Witness

The other thing I would say is that opinions, no matter how scholarly founded, are frequently proved fickle, if not absurd over time. To wit, Jonathon Turley’s statement during the confirmation of William Barr:

 “As I have stated publicly, I can think of no person better suited to lead the Justice Department at this critical period in history. Bill Barr is a brilliant and honorable lawyer who can ensure stability and integrity in these turbulent times.”

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#DWTS: A Petri Dish of Republican Politics

Sean Spicer, a hopelessly untalented dancer, is being propped up by jaded Republican voters, who are completely uninterested in the art of dance, but have co-opted the structurally flawed voting process.

Their purpose is to show they can keep the least qualified contestant alive in the competition and degrade the show sufficiently, that the dance fan viewing audience becomes disgusted with what is happening and tunes the program out, turning over control of the results to them.

At that point, they have achieved their objectives. They have made a mockery of a program they hate, sucked the joy out of it for dance fans and demonstrated that chaos rules, when the rules allow.

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George Will: Conservatives Would Win if Trump Loses

Trump is the inevitable result of Republican Conservatives inventing new, and increasingly contrived justifications, to keeping their grip on power, when the rationale for ideas died decades ago. The fundamentalist credo that defines this conservatism is comprised of ambiguities like:

Money is speech, assault rifles are a right, the President is above the law, for profit health insurance, prisons and education work better, tax cuts for the wealthy trickle down, cheap coal is good for the planet, regulations get in the way of progress, contraception is killing babies, more is better, government is the enemy, taxes are bad, lying in defense of a political agenda is legitimate, Global Warming is a hoax, natural gas is clean, nuclear energy is safe, plastic is healthy for the economy,,, (I could go on for pages).

These ‘principles’ were politicized and sold to a conditioned and vulnerable public using propaganda and religion, in a concerted effort to rein in and control democracy, that is increasingly a threat to an entitled few.

All that’s left of this dogma is the damage it’s done; the wealth inequality, political corruption, social chaos, endless war, and the raging reactionary consequences of air, land and water contamination.

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Twitter’s Down.. at least that’s what I think.

Wow! Twitter’s been down. So much to do, or not.

Twitter: next release?

A scheduled down time option.

Serious recommendation.

In the entire quivering blob that the President’s Administration has come to represent, in which, btw, I don’t see a wise investment opportunity. His all too regular, rebounding, U-Turn alibis betray his failings. While it seems his insanity terrorizes his hand picked White House staff (What? How is allegiance to that empty arrogance even bearable? if not for the money. When everyone has a price, it’s a buyers market.).

I think they, the White House staff must now consider a narrowing field of options, as the end game plays out, just out of their reach, and paints a scene reminiscent of Manafort’s current, abandoned, jail cell situation, which, but for the vivid realism, might be a fun night’s scary entertainment. It has to occur to them daily, by now: “Why am I doing this, when I know it will not end well?”

In order to allow some jerk to flip the SCOTUS off?

Dump Trump, anybody else would be a blessing.

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Deluged – more shit than I’ve seen in a lifetime.

The force against reason acquires a familiar shape. An unlikely union of the desperate, disgusted, discarded and disturbed…

The disenfranchised. The down-and-out. Done in, depleted, and nearly dead-n-gone. Derelicts pressed together, into a spectacle of dismay and disarray.

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Life and Time

“If space and time, as sages say,
 Are things which cannot be,
 The fly that lives a single day
 Has lived as long as we.
 But let us live while yet we may,
 While love and life are free,
 For time is time, and runs away,
 Though sages disagree.” – t.s. eliot


While time is as unaware of our coming and going, as it is relentless in its passing, moments we experience form an existence of their own. They make ripples in Einstein’s fabric, as indelible reminders of events gone by, memories that orbit us, while we’re still here, and return periodically as features in constellations we form, as expressions of our existence.

Life, as I’ve been told, is for the living, and I have taken that to heart. And, while I am graphically aware of the transient nature of almost everything around, I always try to take time to appreciate the eternal nature of wisdom

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The Green New Deal as Been Decades In The Making

The #GreenNewDeal is a concept. It needs a massive amount of work to define what it is, create a plan to implement it, and develop the social and political will to fund and execute it. It may be the biggest task mankind has ever faced. 

With that as a starting point, we need to make it take shape.
Since there is an urgency, let’s ask for everything we want, then see what we can get.

Note Regarding Electrical Power:
I’m for heavy investment in solar, wind, and battery farms, decentralizing network distribution into small regional networks, and subsidized home and commercial building insulation and window replacement.

Here are some categories:

1. Investments in replacement/new technology
1.1. Electric Power
1.1.3.Battery Storage
1.1.4.Decentralized Distribution Networks
1.2. Building Efficiency
1.2.1.Upgrade Existing Homes and Buildings Insulation Seal Windows Water Heaters and HVAC EV Charging Stations
1.2.2.New Home and Building Construction Solar Panels Insulation Windows Water Heaters and HVAC EV Charging Stations Architecture
1.3. Transportation
1.3.1.Autos and Lt. Trucks Electric Passenger Cars Electric Lt. Trucks Electric Recreation Vehicles Distributed Solar Powered Charging Stations
1.3.2.Buses and Trollies Transportation Centers Solar Powered Charging Stations Electric Buses Electric Trollies Electric Subways
1.3.3.Trucks Electric Solar Powered Charging Stations Battery Swapping Stations
1.3.4.Rail Commuter Cargo
1.3.5.Air Cargo Passenger
1.3.6.Marine Cargo Passenger Recreation

   1.4. Packaging
1.4.1.Aluminum Cans Protective Enclosures
1.4.2.Paper Straws Bags Packaging
1.4.3.Cloth Twine Straps Protective Covers
1.4.4.Glass Bottles Displays
2. Divestment of Hydrocarbon
2.1. Oil
2.1.1.New Wells Drilling Fracking
2.1.2.Old Wells Capping Venting
2.2. Gas
2.2.1.New Wells Fracking Drilling
2.2.2.Old Wells Capping Venting
2.3. Plastic
2.3.1.Clean Up
2.4. Aerosols
2.5. Fertilizers
2.6. Asphalt
2.7. Lubricants


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