It is the unique things in people I find most interesting, stimulating, relatable.

Some of the things they do make me laugh, or stop to think. They may carry me, for a moment, to reflective places, inner mirrors, places I long for, knowing I’ll too soon forget.

There is no place all of this interesting stuff; these bright facets of life; are found in one place, at one time (xcept, maybe, a black hole). These treasures are momentarily acquired as they’re come upon, noticed, enjoyed, and set aside, in search of the next adventure, while still – some memories linger though others gracefully (at least in a functioning human) subside.

Diversity is important when things are created. It’s facets can be incorporated – in the fuller sense, into some viable combination that in a broader context, is a unique combination, a thing in which some new hope might reside. Full disclosure: A lot of viable, seriously masochistic species flaws make life, generally, worse. Particularly as we age.

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Time Has Come Today





·       If it’s more
overwhelming public support that’s required to rid the nation of this fascist
cancer, begin non-stop public hearings.


·       If accountability
will disable the support and momentum for the sociopathic, delusional
narcissist, indict him and his inner circle planners now. The evidence is
already greater than can rationally be refuted.


·       If the United States
Attorney General isn’t ready to move, replace him with someone who is.


·       If political calculus
is in the way of the Senate acting indict Senate enablers and win a functional
majority in the midterms.


·       If the military is
contaminated with anti-democratic supporters, drum them out of the


·       If media outlets are
propaganda amplifiers for Right Wing Nationalists, revoke their licenses to


·       If intimidation is
keeping people from the polls, isolate and arrest tormentors.


·       If public protests
are used to disrupt the democratic process, break them up.


·       If vigilantes usurp
the authority of elected law enforcement, disarm and arrest them.





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A Quiet Rain


The trees will store it away

store the gentle rain

in every fiber of their frame

and the flowers will gather

and suspend

droplets well spaced across their petals

lenses staged for a roving sunbeam

on the chance a flash of light

will be directed

to spark an eye somewhere close by.

Plants unlike people

are deep with ancient insight

and a practically refined sense of value.

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Social Evolution



We’re overdue for change and that usually means it will take a painfully big effort to
correct things that are far out of balance. We’ve just let things go for too

It’s hard to challenge entrenched interests behind fundamentalist religion and
economic exploitation with logic, when they hide from our eyes. Arguments
devolve into bickering about beliefs and seldom address motives waiting in the

Historically, populist uprisings wrestle control from entrenched power, address anger and
issues, and then begin devolving into their own control dogma, to stay in power themselves.

The trick for successful governance is to continue making adjustments on the infrastructure of government and the avenues of power and not relax or get locked up. The alternative to vital, incremental change is incremental obsolescence.

But, people long for and societies settle into new stable states, with comfortable,
new restrictions to change. Like spring cleaning quickly devolves into letting
dust and stains accumulate, the time between dealing with issues and
obsolescence determines if progress is easy and smooth or abrupt and

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Ground up Tires, Cancer and Survival of the Fittest

First Posted on October 8, 2014 by jackdetate


We are a species who uniquely and constantly alter the environment we live in. In fact, we alter our environment faster than any other species, because we possess that ability and have developed the means to do so, and we do it at an increasingly accelerated rate. In short, we can change the world we live in so rapidly and drastically, that substantial numbers of us can’t adapt to those self-induced changes fast enough to survive. We can, and do, surround ourselves with the byproducts of industrial excess, offensive social decisions, and ill-conceived processes, faster than we anticipate their insidious effects and unimaginable remedies.

As air quality is measurably degraded, those predisposed to cardiorespiratory stress find their health and longevity compromised. When storm water encroaches on densely populated low coastal estuaries with increasing frequency and fury, those who are economically and physically unable to relocate to higher ground become the storm casualties and statistically displaced. Those who vanish from the neighborhoods they occupied are abandoned and left to their own devices. When prolonged heat and drought transform communities from functioning social structures to forsaken hopes, riddled by desert winds and choking dust, childhood deaths and self-destructive desperation will drive community populations to disappear, as infrastructure and essential services collapse and fall into disrepair.

We are racing toward extinction at a pace never seen by humans in the history of the planet. Change always comes at a price. When we can no longer sustain our expansionist fantasies, when the next iPhone is abandoned for a plan to sequester carbon, when newness is no longer a reason discard last year’s clothes, when bigger portions of food give way to eating what we need, when vacations are planned without great travel, when new ideas are driven by common cause instead of psychological marketing, and when interpersonal relationships replace rabid ideological delusions, we will have turned the corner on self-destruction and started on our way back to symbiotic coexistence.

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It’s Time For A Change

Originally Posted on December 17, 2011 by jackdetate


Avoiding decisions that move us away from Oil dependency, is prolonging the increasingly painful consequences of Global Warming. As a species, we are influencing the environment we live in, altering it in ways that quite likely will result in our exit from the scene.

We need a national agenda that invests $100’s of Billions annually, in deploying the next generation of clean energy, water conservation and pesticide free farming.

It’s time to step away from politics and view the problems we face logically. We are either going to invest in our future or our demise. The choice is ours.

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July 4th, 2021

Prolog: It is a reality of life that what was once a straight, wide road to restoring health, over time becomes an increasingly twisted and narrowing path that has a lot of dead-end forks. Without a guide, it is easy to get lost.

Thank heaven for Myra. On Sunday, the 4th, she had the presence of mind to call 911 and have me transported to the hospital. I was in very bad shape.

While I am almost back to normal now, I remember nothing about the Paramedics or the ambulance, or the hospital ER, or the X-Ray I was given, I couldn’t complete a sentence when trying to talk to Myra and our boys, who dropped what they were doing and were at the ER in an hour or two. I would start to say something to them, knew what I wanted to say, but could not remember how to represent that in words. My temperature was hovering at 104, I was dehydrated, and my bladder infection had spread to my kidneys, and from there to by blood system. Pneumonia was starting to set in. I was completely delusional. I spoke to doctors and nurses at length and remember none of it.

All of this happened very fast. Saturday afternoon we were at Brian and Krisy’s for a H. S. Graduation Party, Aaron and Kelly were there, and I started getting chills around 3:00pm. By 7:00am Sunday morning I couldn’t get out of bed and had become confused and incoherent. I could not walk without help. It took a day at the hospital, getting IV saline and azithromycin, and drinking a couple gallons of water while a Foley catheter drained it just as fast, to start feeling better Monday. By Tuesday I was lucid again and able to walk unassisted.

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The Cost of Entertaining Fools …

While it may be an amusing emotional release to spend time watching absurd behavior, assigning that casually invested time the same level of importance as a serious explanation of the eminent danger of misinformation about vaccines, or the cumulative affects of human resource exploitation on the planet’s lifeforms, is a dangerous, if not fatal, proposition.

We live in a time of unparalleled access to information and a time of constantly amplified background noise. The two are different in one important way:

1. Access to information involves an intentional pursuit.

2. Background noise is supplied, uninvited, want it or not.

When slimy politicians commit to personal priorities over national needs,

when competition is intoxicating,

when morals are thread bare,

long term goals have no meaning.

Pettiness becomes an asset.

Relationships are superficial.

Shame has no home.

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Where Do We Begin?

We should be growing tomatoes.

Instead, we are chasing ghosts.

The continuous, irritating, dangerous, behavioral deficiencies.

The massive waste of time is mind numbing.

More gardeners, less heroes.

Fewer exploiters, more caretakers.

We should be growing squash and beans and corn.

We should be growing tomatoes.

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Water is Life

Water Is Life

Preamble: All aspects of life are interconnected.
Polluting the atmosphere with hydrocarbon emissions warms the planet, melts the
glaciers, raises ocean levels, contaminates costal ground water, causes large
scale human and animal migrations, reshapes continental coastlines, …the list is
formidably long.

When we consider water, we see how contamination,
changing weather patterns and demand greater than supply impacts plant and
animal life through its effect on food supplies, disease, dehydration, and

That said, here is an outline of my thoughts for
dealing with the complexities of the problem. It is intended as a guide for me
to use, expand, and fill in with details and data as time permits. I am posting
it on my blog as a work in process.

1.   Conserve Usage

a.   Reduce Lawns and Golf

b.   Landscape with drought tolerant plants.

c.    Cover open

d.   Replace lead pipes and add point of use filters.

e.   Phase out bottled water.

2.   Use Every Gallon More Than Once

a.   Build out local ‘Toilet to Tap’ Facilities with
capacity equal to usage.

b.   Water public parks and golf courses with non-potable
reclaimed water.

3.   Aggressively Engage Global Warming

a.   Invest in Solar and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered,
Distributed Electrical Grids

                                       i.    Set aside
community space for Green Power generation facilities.

                                     ii.    Create
interconnected local distribution grids.

b.   Convert to Private and Public Electric Vehicles, Trains
and Buses

                                       i.    Create
standards for inter-exchangeable batteries.

                                     ii.    Invest in fast
swap battery charging stations.

                                    iii.    Use Phased out
gas stations as battery swapping stations.

                                    iv.    Build regional
battery refurbishment centers.

c.    Only generate
plastic packaging from recycled materials

                                       i.    Cap new plastic

                                     ii.    Institute
proactive used plastic collection.

1.   Ocean collection force.

2.   Stream and estuary force.

3.   Community cleanup teams.

                                    iii.    Build
reprocessing facilities.

                                    iv.    Create new
standards for lean packaging.

                                     v.    Redesign
packaging to new conservation standards.

4.   Reduce Population Growth

a.   Fund family planning

b.   Make birth control available on request.

c.    Encourage

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