Unwelcome Winds of Change

Individual threads on the tattered edge of a time bleached fabric of generations flutter,
disconnected from each other,
clinging against disappearing hope, to a final tiny anchor of their identity.

Humbled and alone before relentless raging winds of destructive structural decay,
they’re overwhelmed and torn away,
disappeared from what remains of their dissolving dreams of unified serenity.

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Winter arrived last night,
with a combination fury
worthy of a defensive back.
Sustained fits of pounding rain and wind
assaulted the darkness relentlessly from every angle,
enraged at whatever it found in its path.

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The Much Maligned National Debt

                                   Who Holds the $14.3 Trillion National Debt?


The US Public $3.6 Trillion

  • Includes debt held by individuals, corporations, banks and insurance companies, pension and mutual funds, state and local governments.

 Foreign Countries roughly $4.5 Trillion

  • China                                                    $1.2 Trillion
  • Japan                                                     $0.9 Trillion
  • Britain                                               < $1.0 Trillion
  • Oil exporting countries                 < $1.0 Trillion
  • Other countries                                  $1.3 Trillion

The US Government $6.2 Trillion

  • Federal Reserve System Includes collateral for U.S. currency and liquidity for emergency needs.             $1.6 Trillion
  • Social Security Trust Funds Surpluses generated by the program invested in government bonds            $2.7 Trillion
  • Other gov’t trust funds     $1.9 Trillion

 Sources: Department of the Treasury, Financial Management Service, Bureau of the Public Debt; Federal Reserve Bank of New York; Office of Management and Budget

When the Debt Was Accumulated

Obama                $2.4 Trillion

GW Bush             $6.1 Trillion

Clinton                 $1.4 Trillion

G Bush                 $1.5 Trillion

Reagan                 $1.9 Trillion

Carter                   $0.4 Trillion

Before Carter      $0.6 Trillion

 Sub Totals

Dem President in Office                                $4.2T

Republican President in Office                     $9.5T

 Sources: Department of the Treasury, Financial Management Service, Bureau of the Public Debt; Federal Reserve Bank of New York; Office of Management and Budget

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Leadership Qualities and Presidential Candidates ~ The Deal with Trump

Sara's ramblings

I’ve read a lot of hand-wringing statements over the years about ‘What’s Wrong with this Nation.’ I agree with some, and many are blown way out of proportion. Many are essentially the same kinds of generational worries that have stressed out humans for millenia (“Kids these days ain’t got no upbringin’ at all,” Dad used to joke).

We tend to have selective memories about the “good old days,” waxing nostalgic about ‘simpler’ times because the bad stuff didn’t apply to us. Or, like childbirth, we survived the excruciating parts but got a wriggly, living bundle of joy with happiness that completely overwhelms the memory of experienced pain.

That said, I’ll throw in my own “What’s Wrong with this Nation” statement: We have experienced too few admirable leaders in recent years. Servant leaders, with great strength in their ability to listen, respond, and lead. Not roll over under the auspices of negotiation…

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The Moron’s Case For Hillary Clinton…because some of you really are that stupid.

An old colleague and I were having breakfast this morning when he looked up at the news (I can’t remember which network …MSNBC, I think) and noticed a split screen of Donald Trump and Hillary Clint…

Source: The Moron’s Case For Hillary Clinton…because some of you really are that stupid.

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The Sun is Starting To Rise

The media is, predictably, focused on maintaining a 2 horse race. They spent the last 3 weeks discussing what Trump needs to do, to get back in the race. So when he modulates his rhetoric, they present it as a miraculous tactical adjustment to his disastrous, polarizing campaign.

Given that, Donald faces a number of structural problems:
• He has no traction with Black, Latino, LGBTQ, Democratic, Educated and Women voters. This is, when totaled, a plurality.
• The number of people who are vulnerable to his new softer rhetoric are not enough to change the tide.
• The States he needs to win are all Deep Blue, or leaning Blue. His popularity is in States that don’t have enough electoral votes to carry him.
• He has no ground game to Get Out The Vote, making his poll numbers unlikely to materialize in November.
• Any shift to the middle, will alienate his radical followers. There are already indications of people leaving his rallies, after he starts talking.
• The Time required for him to change Blue to Red is running out faster than his campaign can gain speed.
• The HRC counterattack is kicking off and will continue relentlessly, through November.
• The Press, WaPo & NY Times for two, see him as a threat to their business and their reputation.

Having said all this, anything is possible. The biggest hurdles that remain for HRC are the Debates and turning out the vote.
It’s not sunny yet, but it’s not completely dark on the horizon either.

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Let’s Set The Record Straight

Let’s set the record straight:

PBO was born in Hawaii.

The planet and everything living on it is choking on the exhaust of fossil fuel.

Guns kill living things. Nothing is safer around them.

Dick Cheney made up reasons to attack Iraq.

Everyone has a right to love whomever they choose.

The NRA doesn’t give a shit about your Rights. They’re selling weapons to anyone with cash.

Trump, and his entire elitist family are frauds.

Citizens United further wounded a democracy already staggering from voter suppression.

The media is a profit driven business that thrives on outrage, sensationalism and fear.

Private prisons are holding pens for the politically, economically and socially oppressed.

Pharmaceutical companies act in the best interests of their stock holders.

We are fighting people around the globe, with weapons we sold them.

Sovereign Citizens are antigovernment recruiting agents for insurrectionists.

Vaccinations don’t give you autism, but lead in your drinking water does.

There is no magic pill or injection that will make you feel like you’re 21.

Noah’s Ark is a fairy tale and the Earth is 4.5 billion years old.

Christians lie, cheat and steal at the same rate as other organized religions.

Working longer hours, for less money doesn’t build character; it makes life a living hell.

Cutting taxes for corporations doesn’t create jobs; it leaves you to pay the bill.

Immigrants don’t suppress income; Hedge Fund Managers and tax policy do.

American Exceptionalism is a myth concocted by politicians to justify imperialism.

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