Fear Has Taken Hold of The GOP

The orchestrated chaos coming from the Trump White House that Republicans have willingly allowed to fester, in order to promote their agenda of drastic cuts to high end taxes, business and environmental regulations, public education and social safety net programs, is carrying with it an increasingly unmanageable paranoia, for the party controlling Congress. Republicans, rather than facing disoriented opposition, in their moment of opportunity, are looking into the face of a gathering storm, and fear is setting in.

What began, on November 7th, as shock, disbelief, and outrage in the country at large, has coalesced into indivisible resistance, confrontational bravado, unfettered resolve, growing political power, spontaneous organization, and enthusiastic activism. Support for legislation that might have swiftly moved through Congress to be signed into law by a President in more orderly times, has been met and challenged every step of the way. Republicans have gone from a disciplined Party, with a small government, private enterprise message, to disconnected clusters of single issue groups who spend every hour of every day defending the insane actions of a delusional maniac, who is more concerned with his papier-mache image, than his role as Chief Executive.