The Gray Lady is Showing Her Age

The New York Times, who let the Iraq War buildup go unchallenged, gave Big Oil Climate Change deniers editorial space to promote their propaganda, pocketed ad money from fat PACs and paid lip service to voter rights, want to be seen as the people’s proxy in the Primary campaigns, but they come off as an opportunistic old suitor with a score to settle. While giving free rein to race baiting demagogues and radical religious fundamentalists, they treat leaked political innuendo like vetted facts in repetitive front page political exposes.

Guardians of Democracy is not a title in perpetuity nor a self anointed role. A Free Press has always had a hand in defining and refining our democracy, but a peacock press who turns a blind eye to reality and is given to self induced and inflated controversy, does nothing to lubricate the machinery of representative government.

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Married, 2 children, retired, enjoying unstructured time: "And then he drank a dew From a convenient grass, And then hopped sidewise to the wall To let a beetle pass." ~ Emily Dickinson
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One Response to The Gray Lady is Showing Her Age

  1. Cindy says:

    I’ve definitely noticed a decline in quality over the years. Maybe due to oressures from the internet, but still.. I actually enjoyed reading the WSJ this weekend, at least some of it. As for the politics of NYT I am unsure, but your take was revealing!

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