Why Today’s GOP is Becoming Fascist – Part I.

The Feisty Moderate

I know, I know. “Fascist” isn’t a term that you’re supposed to throw around lightly. Kind of like “Nazis,” except that “Nazis” seems to be much more acceptable nowadays. Socialist is another dirty word that’s become one of the most common derogatory adjective aimed at progressives. When was the last time you heard “bleeding heart,” after all? As for communism… well, we’re much more realistic about communism than we are about socialism or the Nazis, so it just doesn’t have quite the same impact.

But what about fascism? If you’re anything like I was, you vaguely seem to remember that the Nazis and Mussolini’s Italy were fascist regimes, but weren’t they really violent dictatorships? What makes them fascist? Were they even fascist governments at all?

According to Wikipedia, fascism as a form of government:

is a radicalauthoritariannationalist political ideology.[1][2] Fascists seek elevation of their

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