The Consequences of Global Warming and @JoeNBC

I watched a video of ‘Tornado Rampage 2011’ ( ) originally shown on the Discovery Channel. It’s a documentary on the massive outbreak of super storms that ripped through the south on April 27th, 2011, taking more than 300 human lives. Discussing the ferocity of the one day outbreak, meteorologist Reed Timmer said: “The intensity of the storm activity and the sheer number of tornadoes that touched down is overwhelming and heartbreaking.”

As I’m watching the extraordinary footage of massive tornadoes bearing down on city after city, listening to firsthand accounts of people who were hit, picked up and carried in their cars and homes and seeing the unimaginable aftermath of terror and destruction, I keep hearing the voice of Joe Scarborough, a cavalier political opportunist, mocking the science of Global Warming as untested theory and ridiculing EPA mileage standards as infringements on the rights of people to drive SUVs.

Well, we are past the time to gracefully argue the merits of Climate Change Theory with opportunists willing to subject us and the living planet around us, to death and destruction, in order to consolidate power and wealth into the hands of a few elite. We are now recording the consequences of ignored warnings and intentionally blocked corrective action. We are now documenting the induced extinction of cultures and species in the machinery of exploitive greed and excessive lifestyles.

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