SCE, Nuclear Power and Risk

San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant’s newly installed labyrinth of steam tubes is experiencing accelerated wear. SoCal Edison wants to plug more than 1300 damaged pipes & restart the 2 reactors. This is not a wise thing to do.

Without clearly establishing and correcting the root causes of the wear and leaks, there is a serious risk of major systems failure. The tubing subsystem, installed in 2009 & 2010, should have a life span of more than 25 years. They have, however, already started wearing out and leaking 2 years after they were put in place.

Edison is complaining about losing money and raising the specter of rolling blackouts this summer. They are not, on the other hand, publicly discussing the consequences of a cascading failure of the cooling system. With more than 7 million people living in a 50 mile radius, a catastrophic failure would result in loss of lives, massive destruction of the California coastal and inland environment, it would throw the economy into deep recession and bankrupt Edison.

If Fukushima could have a ‘do over’, they would gladly take it. If we already have warning signs, there is no rational reason to ignore them. The consequences are too apocalyptic to consider.

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