Memphis Rep. Steve Cohen, Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown and Hope For Effective Action

Chris Hayes had an excellent give and take about the ‘Super’ committee default trigger, on his show this morning. Memphis Rep. Steve Cohen & Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown described what they see the result of taking the default adjustment would mean. Their words were comforting to me. There are opportunistic politicians throughout the political spectrum, but there is growing consensus on this idea of accepting default budget adjustments.

I see the default option as relatively inert political matter; i.e. there are few outside the Super Committee exposed to backlash from constituents and donors if it ‘automatically’ kicks in, without having the chambers vote. And, since it relieves a fair amount of deficit pressure on the financial structure of the economy, it’s looking more and more like a deceptively sophisticated positive next step.

Since the propaganda benefits of continued rhetorical dialog and political demagogy are evaporating in the heat of protests and money isn’t buying as many votes as it did a year ago and because public attention is turning to substantive issues instead of staged legislative manipulations, politicians seem to be looking for a way out of the corner they have painted into.

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