Oath Keepers Represent the Mission of The 1%

I returned from #OccupyLA yesterday and want to make a point about the Oath Keepers trying to co-opt the rally. They are all about dismantling government and removing all oversight on those who abuse already loosely regulated banks and financial empires. They are sponsored by the very people the #OWS movement is protesting. Additionally, The Oath Keepers promote armed insurrection against the government, to protect their perception of threats to the Constitution.

I remembered the Oath Keepers from a Rachel Maddow Show as an open carry gun group, with a hate agenda. They were at the LA rally Saturday, passing out printed pamphlets, dressed in black tee shirts with Tea Party slogans & signing up supporters to help them defend their cause.

I engaged one of them in a conversation, asking who they were and what Oath they were talking about. They are very evasive & tried to define themselves as part of the 99%, who were getting screwed by the government, just like the rest of us. I asked if they were a shadow militia and why anyone should take an oath to them, that looked like the oath of allegiance a soldier or politician would take to defend the Constitution. Their pitch is that the government and government controlled agencies are conspiring to take our rights away. They claimed they represent all the people and the government represents special interests. When I asked if they recruited supporters from Mosques, there was a gasp of shock, an emphatic No, and a rush to finish the conversation and leave before the next question.

This is disturbing. There were about 10 of them, with a lot of printed material, signup forms, dialed in talking points and an organized agenda. When I left, they were giving a “class” on how the Fed is using fiat money to enslave workers, in another area of the encampment.


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