It’s Impossible to Govern When…..

It’s nearly impossible to govern our nation effectively when an intransigent GOP blocks all efforts to correct problems, refuses to bring anything but polarizing social issues to the table, insists on campaigning nonstop, lets funding expire for critical agencies, holds the national credit rating hostage for crazy political ransom, refuses to raise taxes on those with means to pay, increases the financial pressure on those already stretched to the breaking point, denies science in favor of religious dogma, floods the airwaves with bigoted propaganda, challenges settled law in courts, insists on fabricating an atmosphere of uncertainty and fear, exploits national resources and pushes to privatize control of energy, water & air, resists regulation of criminal financial operations, pledges allegiance to subversive activists, protects rights of anarchists, plants rationale for assassins to act on, insists on loading the dice against workers rights and demonizes civil servants. But, who’s keeping track?

It’s a miracle the President has avoided a complete collapse of our country. I don’t know how he does it, but it’s a trick worthy of the greatest magicians, that we are still a nation of 50 States.


About jackdetate

Married, 2 children, retired, enjoying unstructured time: "And then he drank a dew From a convenient grass, And then hopped sidewise to the wall To let a beetle pass." ~ Emily Dickinson
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