Listening And Cultural Inclusion

Our Escondido OFA-GOTeam is meeting to strategize and organize for the election next year. One goal we have set for ourselves is increasing Hispanic voter registration in our community. We feel a more representative turnout at the polls will be good for our community and help to shift the focus from cultural isolation to cultural inclusion. If we are going to speak as a unified community, our voice has got to represent everyone proportionally. No one should be invisible or drowned out. Everyone needs to have a say in who we are, what we want to be and how we get there.

That being the case, we will be conducting neighborhood meetings in Hispanic areas of the community. We’re interested in listening to what people think & what problems they are dealing with. We’d like to start framing a dialog to address issues that are important to who we are. I don’t think that’s happening now. The media and newspapers focus, instead, on issues that are important to a few, better organized groups, at the exclusion and expense of everyone else. It does little good to discuss abstract ideology, obscure residential planning policy or international trade issues with people who are dealing with overcrowded class rooms, access to elected representatives and pot holes in their residential streets.

Since a good first step toward involving more of our community would be to start listening better, I’ll be attending these meetings to listen. Taking note of what is said is foundational. It allows us to incorporate the right concerns, ideas, voices and people into our community teams. Proportional representation needs to start with us.

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