Life Is What Can Be Known

We define ourselves and the world around us with every step we take, each thing we do. Connections between people and places we occupy are tangible and obvious. They’re with us all the time. They can lift our spirits and crush our hopes. We only have to look, listen and feel to know they are there.

In contrast, abstract ideologies and religions struggle for examples to explain their purpose or existence. In lieu of direct, personal evidence, they rely on Faith and Miracles for acceptance and validation.

Expose lies, stick with instincts, fill the void with your thoughts. Don’t let anyone tell you who you are, what to say or what to do. You know what you need. Make that a condition of what you do and who you are. You are the axle life revolves around. Life is what can be known. Nothing else exists.


About jackdetate

Married, 2 children, retired, enjoying unstructured time: "And then he drank a dew From a convenient grass, And then hopped sidewise to the wall To let a beetle pass." ~ Emily Dickinson
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2 Responses to Life Is What Can Be Known

  1. Good Prose. I like you have a thought and don’t suck.

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