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Re Could 2010 be 1946?:

Beyond the end of a combat operation, there is little in common. We are more like the 1933 dysfunctional nation.

In 1946:

The country was unified behind clear common goals. We are polarized on every issue, real and fabricated.

More than 8M served in military duty in WWII, everyone else worked 2 supply them. We built and supplied nearly everything we used and consumed. Today we have a small, highly specialized, volunteer military who rely, increasingly, on Privatized contractors for support, security and planning. Most of our work force are in non-defense related industries and most of what we consume is produced off shore.

A returning military came home with a live and let live acceptance of social differences and we work at exploiting those differences for political gain.


The Chamber of Commerce emerges as formidable political force – We are becoming a Nation of the privileged few & subservient many.


Xe-had. Blackwater wages war on structured government and has them fund it. In fact, the money to pay fines for criminal violations will be coming from Federal Government contracts.The troubled contractor agrees to pay fines  – Xe the latest incarnation of Blackwater, is the Dick Cheney Corporate nation without geographic boundaries or allegiance to anything but money. We are seeing the future of corporate evolution. Xe is nationally autonomous, complete with its own mercenary Army, Air Force, Navy and clandestine operations. They are for hire to any bidder.=======

Seeing Rachel and Richard walk around, hearing them speak in objective terms about what they see, is reassuring. Hearing media polls tells me nothing. This is Prize winning Journalism.


The Cons take what they can get. I’m not willing to concede anything to an idiot with an attitude. If you don’t give it away, you don’t have to get it back.


My expectations are a challenge for me to maintain, I can’t imagine propping up opinion for opportunity goals that come and go for convenience and cash.


I’ve got to recognize the fine conversation, clever repartee, heartfelt sentiment, dogged consistency of the thought floatin’ by on Twitter


The real battle our economy faces is between business and consumers. We don’t want the crap they’re selling and they want us to buy more of it? Get a job or find a product we need!


This is the quietest end to a war I can remember. Hell the VJ Day anniversary in NY earlier in the week drew bigger crowds. Must be out of respect for those still engaged in Afghanistan.


The fascinating dichotomy of the gateway to the Ozarks.

My Brother-in-Law is going to a 45th High School Reunion in Neosho, MO (NeoHiMo). I went with my wife for her 30th; spent 2 days circling the town square – literally 1 sq. block with benched plaza – ate BBQ, sweated through a mid-west social/fascinating conversation/wilted catered salad & dry bread sandwich quarters affair. The highlight was a Tremendous thunder storm, witnessed from The Town Hill with lightening exploding all around us & Bob Dylan singing the ‘Chimes of Freedom Flashin” prophetically through the cassette stereo.

I don’t know if I should be happy for him or sympathetic. The longer you wait for these reunions, the less they have to offer.


Iraq factions will fight violently for control of the country for the foreseeable future. We changed the frequency, intensity and faction competence.


It’s so odd that peace is seen as a bland, unexciting, unmarketable condition, while murder, rape & religious indignation are promoted as what sells.

Who’s making these judgments? I can’t accept that the public is getting what it wants.


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