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We need about $400B annual investment in green energy technology & deployment. Don’t wait 4 the invisible hand of the free market, it’s too busy with your wallet.

Jobs will explode, trade balance will go positive, air and water quality will rapidly improve. The country will be so busy doing something their proud of, happiness will creep into daily life and there will be little time picking the political fly shit out of the media pepper.


The great failure of the Private Business Sector is their reluctance to make long term investments. They like being seen as risk takers, but that and entrepreneur are just image engineering labels to romanticize short term, rigged bets made to turn a quick, easy profit at the long term expense of the economy and tax payers.


The problem with much business is they are selling and making and Importing the wrong stuff. If we don’t need things, particularly Imports, cutting them is good. We should get rid of businesses that provide stuff we don’t need. Cut unnecessary business and invest in new products and technology. Workers are not the reason for our current slow recovery, poorly structured businesses, offering little in the way of value are the major contributor.


President Obama, a thinking man, sees the danger of an open ended combat engagement in a country of loosely structured tribal communities. He also appreciates the complexity of walking away and allowing a Taliban – Qaeda partnership to re-emerge.

He has done three things to address this situation. First, he has increased troop strength and has begun to establish a new, sustainable security baseline for Afghanistan. Second, he has defined a timeline for transitioning governance and national security to the Afghan people. Third, he has expanded the technology war on terror to augment, and in some cases, replace ground assaults and intelligence collection with aerial drone strikes and cyber surveillance.

This strategy places new burdens on terrorist and complexities they are hard pressed to deal with. There are no IEDs they can plant to destroy drones & no infiltrator to kidnap or assassinate. This strategy is more sophisticated, operationally intense and daunting to the enemy than the cowboy incursions and random tactics Bush & Rumsfeld concocted.


The Military has done whatever they were asked to do in Iraq. They did their job. Private contractors, though, failed to do theirs. But they were paid as if they did.


Of course, after Court guidance, public sentiment moves. The nation is able to focus on commerce and quality of life issues and we move on with a more common purpose.

The real point is that wise protection of Civil Rights is the domain of the National Constitution. Relevance of Civil Rights is the domain of the Human Race & integral to Human Social Success.

The nice aspect of Now is that it’s verifiable by looking and listening around.

Moscow opens ‘anti-smog’ centers – The early consequences of Carbon Based Energy. Denying Global Warming has no effect


Slain doctors brought medical care to Afghans

There is moral outrage from evangelicals that was missing when Dr. Tiller was assassinated by Scott Roeder, in the name of anti-abortion activism.

Religious fundamentalism is a disease wherever it exists. Pandering to this twisted, misdirected emotional energy is a tactic promoted and liberally used by the GOP and Right Wing political organizations. This pandering has predicable criminal consequences.


I’m watching a young Hispanic man with a red jacket that says ‘Mexico’ across the front. He’s buying oranges for his youth soccer team. He is taking nothing from me. He’s giving time to help develop the youth of my community.

This is one of several positive images I have of Hispanics in my community. They contribute their music, dance, art, labor, sport, cuisine, history, style and family values to North San Diego County. This is the reality I witness directly, every day.

While the GOP slander the character of this cultural class of our community, it’s they who diminish our peace, stifle growth, compromise security, stand in the path of our future and sell their influence at our expense. #VoteForYourInterests


Steele urges GOP to double "Everyting we’ve been doing".for Nov – That’s easy. 0 x 2 = 0 #ThePartyOfNothing4U

Buried in over amped stories of fear and loathing, the incessant pandering by media outlets, hungry for profits (cont)

The GOP argue arcane economic theory and obscure financial budget principle endlessly, while praying for fiscal stagnation & return 2 power

The GOP witnessed the emotional Anthony Weiner rebuke with horror. Their worst nightmare, a Democrat with backbone, was in their face, on TV

When desperate people rob to stay alive, they R imprisoned. When financial bankers bankrupt millions with ink pens, they get bonuses

The GOP want to suck the life out of the working class, discard them as slackers and cut taxes for off shore business.

The GOP deny food stamps to families with hungry children, while submitting expense reports for business meals & golf games.

At a time when only a moral cripple would deny families in need access to food stamps, the GOP reveal themselves for who they R.

Between now & Nov it’s my personal mission to label the GOP 4 what they R, identify sinister intent & energize the Dem base. #WhosSideRUOn

The GOP R the political arm of Corporatist America, Social Elitists & Fundamentalist Religion. The same crowd our Nation was founded 2 fight

Incredible indifference to those in need defines the cruel character of GOP political sell outs. They support (cont)

The GOP, like the Taliban, use denial of critical supplies &, services from the government, 2 those in need as tactic 2 gain political power

Tax breaks 4 business meals R a mainstay of GOP supported perks, but food stamps for those displaced by the GOP Depression R not supported

The GOP don’t want Food Stamps 4 destitute families caught up in the Great Republican Depression, but support tax exemption 4 business meals

GOP definition of a win: Deny food stamps to bankrupt families. Who’s side are you on?

Prop 8 was overturned because it’s an abuse of inalienable human rights. Popular opinion can B bought. Constitutional rights can’t.

Just finished our Sat Phone Bank. Escondido, CA calling Dems to go to the polls. 88% commit to vote.

The GOP ignore families in need for political gain. They insisted on cutting food stamps for needy to allow Unemployment extension 2 pass

GOP indifference to Middle Class plight is a calculated move to gain political power by exploiting those in need and the vulnerable among us

Differential pricing creates elitist classes of service, for no other reason than to increase profit by having customers bid for service levels.

GOP – Willing to sell out our Nation for Political Power. The aroma from C St is the decomposing character of Republican Politicians

A GOP agenda to overthrow representative government, repress the middle class & entrench elite interests is what’s at stake in Nov.

The GOP R the political arm of Corporatist America, Social Elitists & Fundamentalist Religion. The same crowd our Nation was founded 2 fight

Between now and Nov it’s my personal mission to label the GOP 4 what they R, identify sinister intent and energize the Dem base.

The desperate GOP tactic of holding our national economy and struggling middle class hostage is nothing short of criminal.

Support Net Neutrality – Differential pricing creates elitist classes of service, for no other reason than to (cont)

@BarackObama This is not a struggle between political gentleman, so it makes no sense to worry about decorum & civility #RecessAppointments

I will not spend 1 minute trying to convince a fool they are wrong. That time is better spent energizing a rational mind.

The GOP idea that welfare of middle class America & race baiting are tokens in a political power struggle has cemented national polarity

The Dems have better taste than the GOPee

Jerry Brown studied politics And governance at the knee of his father Pat & Big Daddy Jessie Unruh, icons of the Dems, when CA prospered

The GOP, a minority curse of obstructionism, decry Judge Walkers ruling against Prop 8, as ignoring the will of the people. ??? Hello!

Peter King can try to spin and explain what happened in the House that day, But, he sat down to think about it first.

There’s endless benefit 2 B had from Weiner’s incredible gift of Relentless Measured Outrage. This is what Rumsfeld imagined Shock & Awe 2 B

When you want to go Forward, you put it in D. If you put it in R you go back. That said, "The Gentleman Will Not Take The Keys…"

The GOP will remember, 4 years 2 come, that the apocalypse arrived in the form of a skinny NY Jew, snatched their fairy tale ending away #Weiner

I like it when Boehner is so mad spit is flying off his screaming lips. He reminds me of a squirting Orange peal. #RelentlessControlledRage

Watch your belongings, nail down the kids & dog. The GOP R clueless now & will be desperate beyond despair when they see there’s no way out

@maryfranholm Everything U say is right. We R about 2 see another brilliant Dem strategy execute in front of our eyes Expect Boehner screams

There are 2 tools in our tool kit. The logical truth and visceral emotion. Both need to be part of the Dem campaigns.

@maryfranholm It’s a waste of time trying 2 convince a GOP voter they R wrong. Better 2 spend time on a confused Dem inclined to stay home.

The GOP will sell anything – National security, Personal integrity, Immigrant children, Public trust, — for Power.

When Weiner exploded on the House floor, millions of dems erupted with him. We all felt it. GOP thought it was Grayson on steroids.

@maryfranholm Rachel has the ability 2 simply & logically debunk political illusion. Spread that word & adopt her technique

The rapid, ubiquitous GOP reaction 2 Weiner’s explosion was no accident. The were looking at their worst nightmare: an infuriated Dem base.

@maryfranholm The volume of distortion is a challenge, but can B handled. It would B like amplifying Rachel, who is a great debunker of myth

The GOP Social Diseases: Class Elitism, Personal Greed, Callous Indifference, Deficient Character, Political Expedience… #BuildTheOutrage

Dems must Accentuate the positive, Eliminate the negative, Latch on 2 the affirmative & Quarantine GOP social disease by public disclosure

@maryfranholm Ppl don’t vote when they’re disenchanted & facts R 2 counter a flood of despair on the air. Emotion(Outrage) is needed 2.

The #1 goal of the GOP between now & Nov is 2 disenchant dems & stoke fear in their base. Dems will flood media with facts & #GetOutTheVote

The GOP say Dems made it too hard for them to vote YES on the 9/11 responders bill, so they voted no and it’s not their fault. Wha??

Environmental abuse, long the ridiculed step child of politics, is a self correcting offense that, once triggered, repays perps w/ dividends

Pollution levels soar as smoke blankets Russia – People, Business & Government continue to delay dealing with Carbon

Temptation by The Bobs: via @addthis

Sitting in Limbo by The Bobs: via @addthis

Spontaneous Human Combustion –

Every year we defer to political cowardice & don’t pass a green energy bill, we increase our debt $700B & degrade our planet ecosystems

@KarenOleet I don’t know which one of our ancestors gave up the prehensile tail, but it was a bad deal.

The only thing we have outsourced effectively in the last 40 years is the national debt.

When every decision is reduced to $$ and rigid ideology, our lives become hollow tokens bobbing aimlessly like litter at a dock

Social services critical to national security can’t be privatized. Energy, Water, Telecom, Defense, Healthcare, Education…

Kagan confirmed as Supreme Court justice – I hope Roberts gets the full focused, synchronized hormonal rage treatment

@SenatorReid Keep the Senate in session, Vote every day on simple bills that will fund recovery, reform campaign finance…. #SimpleStuff

The most important thing Dems can do to win in Nov is to Get Out The Vote. Portray the ridiculous GOP as the party uninterested in you.

DeMint & Shelby, past masters of the Secret Hold, seem 2 have grabbed each other in their frenzy. Now only POTUS can break them free…. Nah

I thought the Secret Hold was what Massa used on his staffers

The President should appoint all nominees currently blocked during recess and not announce them. They could be Secret Recess Appointments

If we were dealing with honest and ethical legislators, a 60 vote threshold would allow more discussion when it’s needed, but we’re dealing with the GOP. There is never enough discussion on bills they don’t want passed. So the process is deeply flawed. It has become a tool that is used for political purposes, while allowing festering national wounds to go untreated. A Representative Democracy will collapse if the minority are able to block the agenda of the majority.

I’m grateful for all you do. We are the beneficiaries of your hard work & sacrifice, but you should treat yourself too. Please feel free make several recess appointments in the next few weeks. Better late than never. We’re behind you all the way.

U.S. surfboard makers thrive in choppy waters – A microcosm of Free Trade complexity and its effect

Autocracies come about when differing political objectives can’t B fixed procedurally. Historically, US elections produced & accepted majority agendas

Given an opportunity, a fool will vote against their own best interests. This phenomenon is the foundation of the GOP political agenda

Judge’s ruling expected in Calif gay marriage case – It’s not anyone’s place to impose their moral neurosis on others

Target, a retailer known 2 sell sow’s ears at silk purse prices, pumps $150k into Emmer’s MN Gov campaign to influence the results #SCOTUS

I don’t get why the public isn’t up in arms over nonstop campaigning & requests for $$. It’s a persistent tax on my time. #TimeTax

The models on the Rachel Zoe Project are so insect thin, when they snap around at the end of the runway the dress remain stationary.

Goldman bans Cursing at work – Pahleeeeze.. These guys steal $$ Billions and they reform language decor?

As a relevant statistician, Chuck Todd makes a mediocre Bingo Caller.

You say "Raise Taxes" I say "Cut Subsidies", You say "Trickle Down" I say "Pissed Upon" – There is no middle ground here. #VoteDem

The 1st Senate action of the 112th congress has 2 B removing rule by minority leverage and elimination of the "Secret Hold" #GOPReachAround

Chuck Todd, a statistical savant and master of obscure numeric intrigue, couples the parlor art of valueless correlation and bland TV

Overworked, underpaid – and relieved – Lingering symptoms of GOP austerity treatments. #PrivatizeReality

Garbage islands threaten Three Gorges Dam – From World’s dam to Biggest Sewage Plant.

The GOP R running on fabricated fear & loathing, while Dems take advantage of ‘Truth is Stranger Than Fiction’

When Reagan was Governator of CA, he turned a flush budget & strong middle class into a chronic deficit & wage erosion #GOPHero

If your best chance at survival is to say nothing, smile weakly & scurry away from questions, you might be Republican material

Morning. Time 2 stretch, center my thoughts. "I Will Not Yield…. The Gentleman Is Out Of Order…. The Gentleman Is Wrong… "

The Left approach 2 economic recovery: Don’t withdraw the Stimulus 2 soon. The Right R in2 premature withdrawal & disappointing results

The Doctrine of Austerity is the mantra of the Corporate Right. Cut wages , deepen the recession, enslave the workers, jail the rest. #Shock

Government is meddling in Gay Marriage like an unwelcome in-law. It’s not your wedding, your day. nor your life. Mind your own business.

This has the GOP reevaluating their strategy in the face of a fierce logic, reason for existence & resume

You vote Yes because you believe Yes …. I Will Not Yield …….. The gentleman will Sit….

The backbone of the Democratic Party has been located. It is inside the jacket of Anthony Weiner. #TheGentlemanWillSit …. Sit.

The beginning of this Democratic Campaign is something I will never forget. It is happening now. The (cont)

The GOP are in over their head. They are in a chess game with no imagination. & inspiration is on the other side.

As a media vehicle, the advantage Twitter has is the immediate feedback on what U say. MSM and Cable don’t get that.

@BarackObama Dems need an A. Weiner Backbone of the week Award. 1 Senator & 1 Rep who embody the Weiner pluck prize is $1M from DCCC.

Futility = Chuck Todd tries to explain the hidden meaning of the Weiner attack on GOP lack of character.

The Gentleman has no Class….. The Gentleman has hemorrhoids…. The possibilities are endless.

Now that the people of Minnesota have had a taste of Al Franken & Amy Klobuchar , they won’t be able to stomach another round of Bachmann

Are Democrats closing the gap? – Phone banks in Escondido have heavy Dem commitment to vote – 82.5%

Mars rover finally sees Martian dust devil – It looks a lot like convection commonly seen at TParty strategy meetings.

Researchers find evidence of oil spill in Gulf’s food chain | – More free gifts from Oil production

The Doctrine of Austerity is the mantra of the Corporate Right. Cut wages , deepen the recession, enslave the workers, jail the rest. #Shock

The recession we are in will continue as long as Fin-Banks make more $$ on short financial transactions than long business investments

Obama took a long term investment tack on economic policy. When the Rt wanted 2 dissolve GM & Chrysler, he invested & turned them around

Obama is a thinking man, not a pompous fool. I’ll take an Editor of the Harvard Law Review over a member of Yale’s Skull & Bones any day

These times test skills & resolve of our leaders. POTUS is looking out 4 us now & down the road. The GOP can’t see past the next election

Anthony Weiner, the backbone of the Democratic Party, has called out the challenge. "The Gentleman Will Sit…. The Gentleman is Wrong…"

Populist revolt doesn’t look anything like a FOX News TParty gathering. It looks a lot like the #AZLaw backlash forming in Phoenix Streets

Subsidies to Oil & Coal, Exemptions for Off Shore Corporations, Tax Breaks for the Wealthy stagnate our economy & burden our working class.

Organized Religion enslaves the soul and saps the essence of the human bond.

When the domain of bank financial influence extends beyond individual communities, banks pick & choose. Abandon this 1, invest in that 1

Corporations serve at the pleasure and for the benefit of the Public. The reverse is the definition of fascism.

Time 2 build momentum & mass 4 the Nov call 2 the polls. "We’ll learn that sleeping is not death / Hearing the whole earth change its tune"

Yeats must have felt Palin coming from afar. "Why, what could she have done, being what she is? / Was there another Troy for her to burn?"

"Gaze no more in the bitter glass / The demons, with their subtle guile, / Lift up before us when they pass" – Yeats forecasts Repug tricks

Pelosi, Grand Master, weighs her options: while Boehner, Grand Wizard, laments his lot

The 1st amendment prohibits the making of any law "respecting an establishment of religion", impeding the free exercise of religion,

POTUS should turn up the pressure on an out flanked GOP & make recess appointments 4 all blocked nominees. Better 2 ask forgiveness than permission.

The Base & frustrated public will cheer loud enough to drown out helpless GOP cries of foul.

Progress comes to those who seize the moment

David Vitter uses phony, politically expedient Christian ethics to impugn the character of others. He, of course, is exempt. #Panderer

If your best chance at survival is to say nothing, smile & run away from questions, you might be Republican #BadAngle

Class Size tracks inversely with achievement & you can affect class size by changing the number of teachers and/or the number of students:

Elizabeth Warren – brilliant, confident, thorough & not 4 sale. It’s that last characteristic that brings the opposition out of their den

Elizabeth Warren’s bright, thorough & confident, an independent, practical gatekeeper to stop public fleecing from infecting our economy

Cameron Diaz not sold on married for life – Comports herself like Hepburn. Style, Character & Grace #Trifecta

Seven of 91 banks fail European stress tests // Process: è collect data è Plot Curve è Define Failure @ 8%

Intentional distortion of information for political gain is a crime. When an asshole like Breitbart can suck the energy out of the WH, It’s time to them out of business. The 1st amendment wasn’t meant to shield liars

Fulminating insurrection is a crime, like treason and sedition. The Justice Dept needs to remind Irrational Right Wing Radicals who lost the civil war and why we are a nation of the people

Obama came into office to an avalanche of financial houses bearing down. He stayed ahead of the crushing collapse, put distance between us and disaster, danced around Repug political IEDs and is setting a course to restore prosperity to the working class, where it belongs.

Collecting oil, and thereby relieving pressure gracefully, in the Gulf will reduce risk of sea floor fracture, create some jobs, keep more crude from attacking sea life for a while. But, if we draw too much, won’t we increase the chance of a sea floor collapse?

3,100 firms, agencies involved in war on terror – The privatization of Military and Intelligence Services creates a bond of common interest between Agencies and Contractors and pressure to maintain Military and Clandestine actions as a source of revenue.

Cynicism – reporting on dangers of leaving Iraq & Afghanistan one moment, then segue to a Lockheed or Exxon commercial in straight face. #BondOfMutualInterest

The critical piece of Immigration Reform is how those already here are dealt with fairly. Many working class families have mixed status and deserve a solution that leaves them intact able to continue contributing to their communities and commerce.

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