Twitter Posts Thru 8-8-0


I’m watching a young Hispanic man with a red jacket that says ‘Mexico’ across the front. He’s buying oranges for his youth soccer team. He is taking nothing from me. He’s giving time to help develop the youth of my community.

 This is one of several positive images I have of Hispanics in my community. They contribute their music, dance, art, labor, sport, cuisine, history, style and family values to North San Diego County. This is the reality I witness directly, every day.

 While the GOP slander the character of this cultural class of our community, it’s they who diminish our peace, stifle growth, compromise security, stand in the path of our future and sell their influence at our expense. #VoteForYourInterests


Steele urges GOP to double "Everyting we’ve been doing".for Nov – That’s easy. 0 x 2 = 0 #ThePartyOfNothing4U


Buried in over amped stories of fear and loathing, the incessant pandering by media outlets, hungry for profits (cont)


The GOP argue arcane economic theory and obscure financial budget principle endlessly, while praying for fiscal stagnation & return 2 power ___________________________________________________________________

The GOP witnessed the emotional Anthony Weiner rebuke with horror. Their worst nightmare, a Democrat with backbone, was in their face, on TV


When desperate people rob to stay alive, they R imprisoned. When financial bankers bankrupt millions with ink pens, they get bonuses _______________________________________________________________________

The GOP want to suck the life out of the working class, discard them as slackers and cut taxes for off shore business.


The GOP deny food stamps to families with hungry children, while submitting expense reports for business meals & golf games. _______________________________________________________________________

At a time when only a moral cripple would deny families in need access to food stamps, the GOP reveal themselves for who they R. ________________________________________________________________________

Between now & Nov it’s my personal mission to label the GOP 4 what they R, identify sinister intent & energize the Dem base. #WhosSideRUOn ______________________________________________________________________

The GOP R the political arm of Corporatist America, Social Elitists & Fundamentalist Religion. The same crowd our Nation was founded 2 fight _______________________________________________________________________  

Incredible indifference to those in need defines the cruel character of GOP political sell outs. They support (cont) ________________________________________________________________________

The GOP, like the Taliban, use denial of critical supplies &, services from the government, 2 those in need as tactic 2 gain political power ________________________________________________________________________

Tax breaks 4 business meals R a mainstay of GOP supported perks, but food stamps for those displaced by the GOP Depression R not supported _____________________________________________________________________

The GOP don’t want Food Stamps 4 destitute families caught up in the Great Republican Depression, but support tax exemption 4 business meals _______________________________________________________________________  

GOP definition of a win: Deny food stamps to bankrupt families. Who’s side are you on? _______________________________________________________________________

Prop 8 was overturned because it’s an abuse of inalienable human rights. Popular opinion can B bought. Constitutional rights can’t. _______________________________________________________________________

Just finished our Sat Phone Bank. Escondido, CA calling Dems to go to the polls. 88% commit to vote. _____________________________________________________________________

The GOP ignore families in need for political gain. They insisted on cutting food stamps for needy to allow Unemployment extension 2 pass _____________________________________________________________________

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Married, 2 children, retired, enjoying unstructured time: "And then he drank a dew From a convenient grass, And then hopped sidewise to the wall To let a beetle pass." ~ Emily Dickinson
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