The Imperative for Passing Healthcare

The parties standing to lose the most if the healthcare bill fails to pass are the healthcare industry and those unable to afford insurance with health problems.

The healthcare industry is already coming apart in much the same way that the financial institutions, bloated from excessive artificial expansion, collapsed when cash flow and credit dried up. The healthcare industry is over built in the same way and over extended in its dependence on insurers to cover their swelling costs. Medicine has evolved to accept that high cost, low benefit risks can be more profitable than practical medicine and any costs can be justified to dying patients wanting a few more months. Staving off the inevitable requires infinite resources and is doomed to failure in the end.

The most obvious symptom of healthcare industry collapse is the spiraling, unsustainable cost. More people are being pushed into the segment of those unable to afford insurance who have health problems. This group is expanding in proportion to the cost increases of insurance and they represent those most in need of care. Young healthy people are who are not covered, while putting pressure on insurance costs, don’t affect healthcare costs significantly. They really don’t use the system for much because they are healthy.

If the current healthcare bill doesn’t pass, we will see the financial failure of the healthcare industry due to its own chronic appetite for selling false hope and the growing, over extended financial base of debt. Insurance companies will not be able to continue selling ever more costly policies to a shrinking customer base and will consequently be unable to fund the current hyper growth. And, the exploding uninsured will crush emergency services with their numbers and needs.


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