The Future Of Energy


While avoiding near term costs for energy investment, we have pushed a bow wave of problems before us that are swamping the economy and our environment. The consequences of those deferred costs are precipitating global problems and require immediate attention. Consumption of polluting fuel that we have to borrow to buy is a dead end and dumping money into a 100 year old energy architecture mires us deeper into a situation with no future.



Fuel Cell URL

Tokyo Gas Fuel Cell Project


  • The era of energy diversification in the 21st Century
  • Drawbacks of large-scale electric power generation, and distribution. 
  • Electricity is easy to carry and difficult to store! 
  • Distributed electrical power generation takes advantage of energy production at point of use. 
  • Why are high hopes held for the fuel cell?

Investing in future eco-friendly, home grown, engineered for the future, energy technology will improve our life quality and is a foundation for economic health.

What is it, exactly, we are waiting for? What should we do?


1. Deploy New Generation Methods

1.1. Wind

1.2. Solar

1.3. New Hydro

1.4. Tidal Motion

1.5. Fuel Cells


2. Improve Transmission Efficiencies  

2.1. Re-architect Grid Pipelines and Controls

2.2. Reduce Transmission Distances

2.3. Generate Electricity at Point of Use


3. Address Availability Issues  

3.1. Interleave Generation Methods

3.2. Use Storage Sparingly

3.3. Rely on Homeland Fuel Sources


4. Collapse Technology Time to Market  

4.1. Leverage Current Assets to Transition

4.2. Establish 5 Year Engineering Standards

4.3. Subsidize Technology Deployment

4.4. Use Regional Fabrication, Construction and Service


5. Prioritize Investment Longevity

     5.1. Invest for the Future

5.2. Build for Long Life Cycle  

5.3. Establish Strong Quality Standards


6. Improve Energy Security  

6.1. Design for Catastrophic Weather Events

6.2. Leverage Local and Regional Fuel Sources

6.3. Distribute Generation

6.4. Bury Transmission Lines


7. Integrate Energy Generation and Usage

7.1. Home Fueling Stations

7.2. Residential Power Generation

7.3. Onboard Electric Rail Power

7.4.Electric Autos with On Board Fuel Cell Rechargers

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