Cost or Value Planning Public Care

We are in the current situation because of a seriously flawed process. There has been a focus on compartmentalizing plan elements and justifying them individually, rather than seeing each as part of a complete plan that has goals beyond just cost.

Improving quality of care, practicing preventive medicine, covering everyone and controlling profiteering are goals that need to have weight when we evaluate the total bill.

The business process that health plan insurers use drives the cost of coverage up (i.e. budget money for more MRI machines because they generate revenue and forget about spending on automated record keeping, since it will take time before savings are realized.) That doesn’t serve any purpose beyond short term fiscal profit and accounting goals. It doesn’t provide long term health care stability or quality of service improvements.

We need to see health care as an investment in our country and our people. While we should not ignore cost, we have to factor in the price we are already paying to protect less than 80% of our public and use that as the point of reference. In short, we need to see the the process in terms of our national needs and not see cost containment as an end itself.

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