Sneaking Up On Darwin

I can see how we got into the muck we are in today. We are in a world that has no purpose beyond the next hot issue driven opinion poll. Long range goals like environmental stability, population management, life style optimization, energy security, water & food quality control and public education just don’t have a chance. The human race is going through endless cycles of media induced raids on our conscious focus. We don’t have the uninterrupted time to think about meaningful opportunities, let alone consider committing to them for several years.

We have succeeded in disenfranchising ourselves and have become helpless witnesses to our own decent as a species, that once had so much potential. Critical thought has given way to rapid cycle sensational reaction and the Philistines are driving the agenda of our history.

Darwin is not surprised.

About jackdetate

Married, 2 children, retired, enjoying unstructured time: "And then he drank a dew From a convenient grass, And then hopped sidewise to the wall To let a beetle pass." ~ Emily Dickinson
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